Know if the device is configured / connected

If, for some reason, you want to run some code in the Arduino loop() function, it might be useful for you to know if the device is in configured (so in normal mode) and if the network connection is up.

void loop() {
  if (Homie.isConfigured()) {
    // The device is configured, in normal mode
    if (Homie.isConnected()) {
      // The device is connected
    } else {
      // The device is not connected
  } else {
    // The device is not configured, in either configuration or standalone mode

Get access to the configuration

You can get access to the configuration of the device. The representation of the configuration is:

struct ConfigStruct {
  char* name;
  char* deviceId;

  struct WiFi {
    char* ssid;
    char* password;
  } wifi;

  struct MQTT {
    struct Server {
      char* host;
      uint16_t port;
    } server;
    char* baseTopic;
    bool auth;
    char* username;
    char* password;
  } mqtt;

  struct OTA {
    bool enabled;
  } ota;

For example, to access the Wi-Fi SSID, you would do:


Get access to the MQTT client

You can get access to the underlying MQTT client. For example, to disconnect from the broker: