How to get involved?

If you are missing a feature in the convention, something is unclear and requires better documentation or you have a better solution for a current feature: Get Involved!
Propose feature
Open a new GitHub Issue to start a discussion about a new feature. Open a GitHub Pull Request to provide a change to the convention and have it discussed.

The discussion period for a new feature lasts for a maximum of 3 weeks. Everyone involved can apply for a longer time frame if required. 3 weeks no progress means “Rejected” automatically.

Active maintainers are required to response within 3 weeks to a feature request.

All active maintainers MUST agree on a new feature for it to be added.An exception is the trivial case (spelling error, …) in which a single maintainer is sufficient.
Merge feature

A new feature or specification change must be categorized and the commit message must be prefixed with:

  • BREAKING: The commit message for breaking commits (MAJOR bumped)
  • feature: The commit message for new features commits (MINOR bumped)
  • fix: The commit message for fixes (PATCH bumped)