Magic bytes

Homie for ESP8266 firmwares contain magic bytes allowing you to check if a firmware is actually an Homie for ESP8266 firmware, and if so, to get the name, the version and the brand of the firmware.

You might be wondering why Homie_setFirmware() instead of Homie.setFirmware(), this is because we use special macros to embed the magic bytes.

Values are encoded as such within the firmware binary:

Type Left boundary Value Right boundary
Homie magic bytes None 0x25 0x48 0x4F 0x4D 0x49 0x45 0x5F 0x45 0x53 0x50 0x38 0x32 0x36 0x36 0x5F 0x46 0x57 0x25 None
Firmware name 0xBF 0x84 0xE4 0x13 0x54 actual firmware name 0x93 0x44 0x6B 0xA7 0x75
Firmware version 0x6A 0x3F 0x3E 0x0E 0xE1 actual firmware version 0xB0 0x30 0x48 0xD4 0x1A
Firmware brand (only present if Homie_setBrand() called, Homie otherwise) 0xFB 0x2A 0xF5 0x68 0xC0 actual firmware brand 0x6E 0x2F 0x0F 0xEB 0x2D

See the following script for a concrete use case:

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