This page lists the projects made by the community to work with Homie.

works with MQTT Homie


homie-ota is written in Python. It provides an OTA server for Homie devices as well as a simple inventory which can be useful to keep track of Homie devices. homie-ota also enables you to trigger an OTA update (over MQTT, using the Homie convention) from within its inventory. New firmware can be uploaded to homie-ota which detects firmware name (fwname) and version (fwversion) from the uploaded binary blob, thanks to an idea and code contributed by Marvin.


homie-control provides a web UI to manage Homie devices as well as a series of virtual python devices to allow extended functionality.

Its lets you do useful things like:

  • Historically log device properties
  • Schedule changes in event properties (i.e. water your garden once a day)
  • Execute profiles of property values (i.e. turn a series of lights on and off simultaneously)
  • Trigger property changes based on:
  • When a network device is dis/connected (i.e. your phone joins your wifi, turn the lights on)
  • Sunset / rise
  • When another property changes